We work with a wide range of clients to foster new models of postsecondary education and credentialing, especially for the millions of working adults effectively denied access to higher education.  

Seeking new models of learning and engagement that can help adult learners as well as employers
Needing curriculum and assessment strategies to unlock the full potential of their technology

Eager to create their own microcredentials that are stackable into credit-bearing degrees and certificates
Hungry for expertise in competency-based education and training

Wanting to increase the use and impact of their open education solutions

How we do it:

The Volta four-stage model


We typically begin by bringing together key stakeholders to identify needs and pain points (“Connect”). We then work with clients to explore their strengths and strategic goals, informed by labor market intelligence (“Discover”). The next phase includes human-centered design work (“Design”). We then develop and test a learning solution based on backwards design that builds on what we have learned throughout the process (“Create”).

At every stage, we work with experts in cognitive science, platform design and implementation, labor market analysis, design thinking, project management, learning analytics, marketing and social media, and student support.  


Competency-based education

CBE focuses on what individuals can do with what they know, not how many hours they’ve spent in class. Volta Learning Group has developed nationally recognized, award-winning CBE programs and creates high-quality competency-based learning solutions aligned to workforce and training needs.

Project-based learning and assessment

A meaningful alternative to lectures and multiple choice tests, projects are the cornerstone of competency-based learning and authentic assessment. Projects provide engaging, realistic opportunities for learners to develop skills as well as to demonstrate them. Volta Learning Group brings unmatched expertise in this area and collaborates with partners to create high-quality training programs, microcredentials, certificates, and degrees.


Workforce partnership strategies

Education is key to serving the needs of industry and ensuring a healthy economy. But it only works if there is strategic alignment among providers, employers, and communities. Volta Learning Group has extensive experience in partnership development and can deliver strategic planning informed by labor market research to drive business and program design needs.


New programs in workforce-based credentials and competencies can be a win-win for students, institutions, and employers, lowering costs, improving results, and creating new revenue streams and valuable partnerships.